Who Are the Folks behind Whirlwind Heating & Refrigeration?

Team Whirlwind

Richards family on salt spring island dates back to 1861 with the McFadden Clan, today best known as the Hedgers, they were one of the first settlers on Salt Spring Island. Jump forward a few generations Richard is a born and raised Salt Spring’er. Hanna on the other hand does not have the same history but has lived here since the age of 13 and instantly became a full-fledged Salt Spring’er and has maintained that ever since. Tanner who is Richards younger brother also works with us as our apprentice. He is a fantastic addition to their team, he has a great attitude, work ethic and drive. Customers really enjoy having him on site and we look forward to watching him grow through his apprenticeship over the coming years, his first year is complete so far and we feel very lucky to have him on their team.

More About Richard & Hanna & the Evolution of Whirlwind

Richard & Hanna met in high school and have been together since the age of 16. Together they have grown up and overcome all of life’s obstacles head on and have never backed down from a challenge. When Richard was 19, he began working with Mark Devereux in the heating and refrigeration trade and instantly found his niche. Richard worked closely with Mark for 6 years until it was decided that Richard and Hanna move to Alberta for a bit of life experience, and to complete his journeymen ticket in the trade. After 5 years spent in Alberta together Richard gained a vast array of knowledge in the trade and completed his training down in Calgary. Richard worked in very large industrial buildings, oilfield sites, installed systems for schools, apartment’s, condos, homes and everything in between you can think of. He worked in extreme conditions with a lot of pressure on him at times when systems would go down at -40’C. He always loved the challenges thrown at him during his time up north.

Hanna worked at an industrial supply store for the 5 years up north. They supplied all array of items and customers from farmers to oil field, logging, trucking, and everything in between. The 5 years she spent at that warehouse had her driving equipment and working upfront dealing with customers on a firsthand basis, as well as working closely with the owners of the company. She gained the knowledge and skill to provide excellent customer service and understanding of running a business. She was highly regarded with her customers up north as being honest, hardworking and on point especially under pressure and always with a smile on her face.  

How Whirlwind Operates Today

After 5 years up north, the decision was made to come home, as not a day went by, they didn’t think about home. So, they packed up and headed back to the Island. Richard returned to work with Mark for 3 years. After that time Mark had decided to slowly move into retirement, Richard and Hanna having energy and drive decided it was a good idea to start up their own company to take on all the Residential calls and installs. Although their own entity they work out of the same office as Mark and both sides help each other out when needed. Together there is 45+ years’ worth of experience between the two. As well as being farmers on the side in addition to work, all three of these folks are dedicated and passionate about their work and trade, and they have a long future ahead as Islanders serving Islanders.

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